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Owl :
- бумowls

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Noun(1) nocturnal bird of prey with hawk-like beak and claws and large head with front-facing eyes

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(1) The night was still and no sound was heard, apart from the occasional hoot of the owl , the master of the shadows.(2) The Barn Owl is a gray-and-tawny owl with a white, heart-shaped face and dark eyes.(3) An owl hooted and the sound reverberated off into the night, fading away into the distance until silence resumed once more.(4) Birds of prey, characterized by long legs, long, broad wings, and an owllike ruff of feathers surrounding the face.(5) The noise reduction achieved from the tattered fringe makes owls the quietest flying birds, Lilley said.(6) As raptors like hawks and owls prey on the rodents, they risk being hit by a car.(7) In a peak year for hares, the hares edged out the voles as a source of meat for both adult owls and their owlets.(8) The nocturnal owls , nightjars, and allies often are poorly known, and very few species have been studied in detail.(9) Athyra is a large brown owllike bird that can emit psychic signals to lure prey or frighten predators.(10) And most important, the trees are homes for small animals like squirrels and chipmunks, and birds like owls and robins.(11) Like most owls , Great Horned Owls have keen hearing and keen vision in low light, both adaptations for hunting at night.(12) Short-eared Owls are medium-sized owls with mottled brown and buff plumage.(13) Boreal Owls, known in Eurasia as Tengmalm's Owls, are small owls of the north.(14) In winter, when invertebrates are scarce, owls that remain at northern latitudes take largely vertebrate prey.(15) Common predators of house sparrows include cats and other mammalian predators, birds of prey, and owls .(16) One element is the bird's facial disc, also found in other owls but best developed in the super-eared barn owl.
Related Words
(1) night owl ::
Бум шаб
1. bird of night ::
парранда аз шаб
2. hooter ::
Different Forms
owl, owls
English to Tajik Dictionary: owl

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