English to Tajik Meaning :: when

ващтеващте ки
When :
- кайwhens

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Adverb(1) at what time.(2) at or on which (referring to a time or circumstance).
Conjunction(1) at or during the time that.(2) after which; and just then (implying suddenness).(3) in view of the fact that; considering that.(4) although; whereas.

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(1) call me when you're finished(2) His father took him to Tynecastle when he was five, to see a Hearts and Hibs game.(3) The man's whole life should have been considered when the decision was made to give the award out.(4) when in Rome do as the Romans do(5) I had this idea of him being loud and brash when in fact he's laidback and quiet with this fantastic wit.(6) Saturday is the day when I get my hair done(7) It was best not to provoke them, and others like them, at a time when maximum unity was necessary.(8) He loved a laugh and when he was in a crowd he was the life and soul of the party.(9) It's hard not be cynical about the power of love when there is so much bile around.(10) They were considering going scuba diving when the tsunami devastated the coastline.(11) Meopham Tennis Club will be having an open day this Sunday when it will be offering free coaching.(12) He said it was expected to be reopened to pedestrians today but it was not yet clear when it would open to traffic.(13) You slept when you could, but you were always awake at first and last light in case of a surprise attack.(14) The danger is trying to put your nose through when there is no room and it ends in an accident.(15) I have a fund of somewhat boring stories which I tell myself when sleep is slow to come.(16) It is fantastic to even consider him when he has not been a pupil for two years.
Related Words
1. when ::
2. whereas ::
дар ҳоле ки
3. wherein ::
4. so that ::
бино бар ин
5. so as to ::
ба тавре ки
6. where ::
7. in order that ::
То ки
8. at what time ::
10. then ::
11. so ::
ҳамин тавр
12. now ::
13. on what day ::
дар кадом рӯз
14. therefore ::
15. though ::
16. although ::
17. albeit ::
18. not but what ::
нест, балки он чи
19. notwithstanding ::
новобаста аз
Different Forms
when, whens
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